What a Transcendent Experience Really Means?

One of the essential but neglected roles of spirituality is that of transcendence. By transcendence, it refers to a state of being that recognizes a reality beyond the personal experience itself. Transcendence is a state that goes beyond physical and logical norms and can be achieved through intuitive perceptions of an individual, rather than established religious or scientific neuroscience thinking.

In general, transcendence means out of the ordinary and normal experience. It may be assumed that experiences like the that of death are classified as examples of transcendence. In general, transcendence means that the ordinary limits of physical reality have been exceeded, that is, the person is involved in a spiritual state.

Transcendence means going beyond the limits of the ego beyond the conventions of popular notions of reality. The search beyond the self implies the assumption that you are part of a whole, a whole that comprises the universe, a universe that is part of an even magnificent whole.

Spiritual transcendence questions the validity of popular tenets about the nature of life and the functioning of the universe. Although current, conscious and analytical minds may seem acceptable in thinking about the nature of these areas, we have always known that these assumptions have already been proved wrong. Transcendence is both the recognition of higher truths and the assumption that not all things are recognizable.

The purpose of transcendence is to allow the higher self to operate in more dimensions of reality and perception, to gain wisdom about our different roles in the broader realms of existence, to influence changes in the physical realm, and to change our subjective perceptions.

Unfortunately, most of us automatically resist the unknown. If we do not understand the nature of an unwanted situation, by default we fall into the hands of nature, whose response to this pain is always the same: to stay negative and then try to protect us above all else that cannot be controlled otherwise. ,

And even if those moments bother us because of their uncertainty, we must, therefore, be grateful to them for their constant presence in our lives: this unwanted experience of recognizing our limitations is the only possibility that life can ask of us whether we wish to proceed beyond that. Therefore, this unknown moment of not understanding (what it should be) is in fact the beautiful seed of a new order of our being, provided we are ready to see it as such.

There is only one way to overcome the limits of our nature today. First, we must see this great fact: these restrictions no longer belong to us, for the clumsy body of the caterpillar body belongs to the butterfly, which is released from its husk. Therefore, we must come to this new understanding and dare to give up any part of us that wants to accept our limited view of life as our own.

True freedom is not an achievement. It is our awakening relationship and our participation in the emergence of real life. We cannot create a life without borders, trying to overcome what we think prevents us from doing so. True life without limits is the fruit of this higher understanding: what is on the way is part of the way. Know that this is the perception that all creation was created for you because it was created for everything that happens to you.


Using Nootropics to Hack Your Brain & Boost Productivity

Today, we will be discussing the cognitive enhancers aka smart drugs AKA Nootropics.

You will learn how these drug works and different types of Nootropics available. So, without further ado let us learn what Nootropics exactly is.

What are Nootropics?

The human brain is considered one of the most powerful tools present in the entire universe. Every invention on the earth is because of the involvement of the brain.

A true fact is that people have different cognitive abilities, that means the level of thinking learning, analyzing and comprehensive ability is distinct in every human being.

That being said, there have been a discovery of drug in the medical field which helps in enhancing the cognitive function particularly, intelligence, memory, and focus in healthy individuals. These types of drugs are known as Nootropics.

Nootropics are also known as the smart drugs and are considered one of the best and most popular supplements for individuals who are suffering from stress, anxiety, and other aspects of daily life.

You can think of it as compounds (usually in capsule form) that speed up your thought process, boost your memory or make you more productive.

Originally, there were  5 criteria that were set by Dr. Corneliu Giurgea in 1972 (the man who coined the term Nootropics’)

The substance must:

#1: Enhance learning and memory

#2: Enhance learned behavior under traumatic conditions

#3: Protect the brain from chemical or physical hit/assault

#4: Enhance the tonic cortical and subcortical mechanism of your brain

#5: Possess no or few side effects/ be non-toxic

Use of the term nootropics today isn’t as strict in that a substance but have all these features but instead, all they really need to do is enhance cognitive function without major side effects. Furthermore, many nootropics users use a mixture of compounds that have certain strengths or functions to create a more synergistic effect.

Two major category of Nootropics

#1: Synthetic Nootropics

These are the substances that are created in the lab. It has been found that these substances are cognitively enhancing the brain performance with no to little side effects. Most of these substances came into the picture less than 50 years ago and includes the Racetam Family and modafinil.

Most of these substances have been shown to be safe to use in the short term, but long term use isn’t usually recommended so users usually employ what is called “cycling”.

#2: Natural Nootropics

These are the substances that can be found in the wild, such as tea, coffee, herbal roots, and mushrooms are all considered to be natural Nootropics due to the compounds that they contain (caffeine in coffee, for example). The great thing about natural Nootropics is that they have been around for an extremely long period of time so their effects have been observed for hundreds of years. You know that coffee won’t kill you or shorten your lifespan because millions of people have drank it and still consuming it daily.

Let us dive deeper in the nootropic world and see some of the best and powerful substance that can make you almost like a Bradley Cooper from the movie Limitless.

This list is just a teaser to expose you to some nootropics examples. Andrew Ferebee published a huge 7,000 word article discussing the best nootropics to take for whatever your goal is (very helpful and detailed).

3 Powerful Nootropics

1: Modafinil – It is referred to as a wakefulness promoting drug. Since its stimulant effects are often subtle it is used for many disorders that feature sedation and fatigue. However, it is widely popular with people who want to increase their cognitive ability because it helps in alerting the mind for a very long period.

2: Adderall – It is the brand name for the mixture of amphetamine salts that was developed for treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactive disorder also known as ADHD. Adderall affects the neuroreceptors in the central nervous system, increasing the effect of serotonin and dopamine.

3: Ritalin – The generic of Ritalin is methylphenidate and this is the form that most people take. The good part of the drug, when used responsibly, are –improve mood, enhance memory and focus. However, Overdose can cause insomnia, anorexia, headaches and stomach ache.

Nootropics Psychedelics – for creative thinking and boosting brainpower

1: LSD – Lysergic acid diethylamide is a type of a synthetic drug that is famous for altering your perception and creating hallucinations. Used when you want to do artistic things or things that require out of the box ideas.

2: Psilocybin – These are the compounds that are formed by mushrooms. Universities has found that Psilocybin is used to ease depression, cure drug addiction, and reduce the emotional suffering of terminally ill cancer patients.

Nootropics to improve cognitive performance

1: Nicotine – It is an alkaloid that is found in tobacco leaves and has been used by humans for its nootropic properties for thousands of years. It has shown to improve working memory and the efficiency of acetylcholine receptors. The drawback of nicotine is that it is highly addictive.

2: Piracetam – It was the first of the racetam family. Due to the lack of observed side effects, Piracetam is widely used by hackers to restore their cognitive performance and reduce depression.

Some other common Nootropics are

1: L-Tyrosine

2: Ashwagandha

3: Huperzine A

4: Gingko Biloba

5: Bacopa Monnieri

6: Lion’s Mane

7: Uridine Monophosphate

Final Words

Nootropics are compounds that help to improve cognitive function, thereby helping to boost your productivity.

There are many different types of nootropics that help with different goal (memory, focus, motivation etc) so there is truly no one size fits all. Furthermore, a nootropic will never be able to replace or fix lifestyle problems that are preventing you from reaching your full potential (such as sleep deficiency).

What they can do is, assuming your health is in good order, help your brain to perform more efficiently and how you want or need it to on a certain day.…